Vincent Radio

If you are remotely interested in Japanese underground music/art scene, you can do far worse than to tune into Vincent Radio on the last Sundays of every month. Broadcasting from their own mobile studio at different locations somewhere in Tokyo months after months, Vincents has been gathering fanatic fans left, right and centre with their eclectic, fun, (un)educational and totally unpredictable programs. You never know what you get when you tune in. It could be an hour of expertly mixed underground dance music by the likes of Kenji Takimi(Crue-L Records) or Jim O’Rourke popping in for an impromptu acoustic gig one afternoon or some drunk record shop owner singing on top of “Virtual Insanity” by Jamiroquai for an hour… It’s like weddings and funerals happening at the same time. You may not understand what they’re talking about, it’s almost exclusively in Japanese, but I’m sure you’ll hear something that most established radio broadcasting have left behind long time ago. Free spirited, chaotic and absolutely anything-goes mentality. Vincent Radio is happening next on 31 October 2010 GMT3:00-16:00.  Tune in for a post Halloween madness in your bedroom!

Vincent Radio


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