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A first re-edit of 2011 comes courtesy of DJ 1Drink from Tokyo who shall remain just as 1Drink. Here he gave us one of many Japanese NW re-edits he has been working on. This is one hell of an edit, a bit like imPLOG invading, with some Pro-One synth, an annual cultural festival at Japanese high school. You never know, maybe one day we will press it on black slab of plastic that we adore so much because the rest of the re-edits are so good, too. Watch this space…

C.Memi&Neo Matisse – Dream’s Dream (DJ 1Drink Xtnsn)


‘Misery Loves Company’ Mix / Bill Ambrose (Bodybox)

The very first Codcast of 2011 comes courtesy of Bill Ambrose. I think I’ve first met him about 7 or 8 years ago in Hackney at a bar called District which actually got burnt down on the day I was supposed to have my party there. Watching the venue for your own party burning down on live TV coverage was quite surreal. Anyway, we have bumped into each other a few times at parties since but never really kept in touch. Life is too short I guess. Then a couple of months ago, out of nowhere, he invited me to play some records at his monthly Bodybox party down in Soho which is a great little party and he turned out to be a brilliant DJ, too. Here is a mix that showcases the deepness of his crates. This mix mainly consists of 140BPM Synth Pop, New Wave and Minimal Wave that I’ve never heard of. Deeper than generic deep house, that’s for sure. Blinder!

‘Misery Loves Company’ Mix / Bill Ambrose (Bodybox)


Bal Pare – Palais D’amour

Peter Richards – for you for only you

Ultravox – Herr X

Sudeten Creche – Are Kisses Out Of Fashion

Rational Youth – Close To Nature

Deux – Game & Performance

Moderne – Indicatif

Zed – Plastic Love

Rational Youth – City Of Light

Experimantal Products – Another Green World

Moderne – Switch On Bach

Linear Movement – In My Head

Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010!

A happy new year to all you bloated people!
We are going to organise many wonderful Comadiscos with marvelous music like this in 2011!
Keep your ears wide open.


Fumix & Marco