Zero Set


My January 2011 was rather repugnant. It was quite perishing. But now it’s OK because I’m starting irregular residencies at Big Chill Bar (Brick Lane) and Big Chill House (King’s Cross)! The night, “Zero Set”, which is named after Dieter Moebius, Conny Plank, and Mani Neumeier‘s seminal synth odyssey from 1983, where I will be playing yacht rock, bongo kosmische, no wave, (whatever) disco, windy city house, future bass garage step (or whatever they are called this week)  and Kompakt Schaffelfieber, in that order. The point of this new night is specifically to play (dare I say it…)experimental records I enthusiastically buy often but usually not being able to play out at parties as much as more generic sounding dance 12 inches. They might not meet the roars of deranged people from Essex at their weekend shenanigans but I am hoping that some of them would be fooled into thinking “dancing to lush Nu-Balearica like this is quite camp but a great fun on a school night. Waah!”. Because it’s on weekly night, BPM range will be much wider, too. From dub to gabber kinda thing.

The first one will be on Wednesday 9th February and I’ll be playing all night from 7pm- 12am. Free entry.



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