COMADISCO Friday 18th of November with Gatto Fritto

Only a week to go to our next Comadisco at this super intimate basement (70 max) in our birthplace, Clapton. There will be a toilet with the sound of the ocean’s waves, the smallest VIP room you’ll ever see and a crystal-clear d&b Sound System hired and designed especially for us!
The guest spinner will be Gatto Fritto who has released a stunning self-titled debut album on the ever more suave International Feel label earlier this year. It’s got that beautiful “Lucifer Morning Star” and already classic “Invisible College” on it too.

You will also hear us, Future Sound of Clapton, bringing our sexy blend of titanic techno, northern new wave, astral disco, high school electro and chi-town house music all night long with a dash of guilty pop.

We will announce the address on the day of the event HERE and the entry to this Comadisco will cost you £3. Zero guest lists and absolutely no entry after 1am. Don’t turn up late, cry at the door and start calling our mobiles because after 1am, we’ll be switching it off to rave on SO PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.

See you on the dancefloor!



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