COMADISCO Friday 20th April with Ray Mang

As you can see, lately we’ve been busy with our day job (fighting crime and helping little old ladies cross the street in Clapton), but this weekend your faithful are back on their night job and ready to rock the dancefloor!

Firstly COMADISCO this Friday will be at a new venue between Dalston and Stoke Newington (revealed on the day) and our guest of honor will be Ray Mang (DFA/Mangled). A veteran of the Nu House/Disco Dub scene since late 90’s, Ray has produced for a number of era defining labels such as Eskimo, Nuphonic, Noid, DFA and his own imprint Mangled over the years. His remix of S.E.V. by 9DW (Ene records) has been a COMADISCO staple for almost 2 years now and his remake of “Love On The Real Train” on DFA is pure magic. The venue will be dressed by our own in-house decoration wing, Moist Yet Workable, working their frilly muscle, and the entry will be  will be a recession resistant £4 all night. No guest list as usual. Come as you are and see you on the dancefloor!

The following day we’ll be rolling out of bed to join Ben Pistor (of Disco Bloodbath fame) in the main room at The Lock Tavern in Camden Town for his “Let’s hold hands” series. Foreign postcode, classic venue, same quality music.

On Thursday 26 April we’re back in Hackney at the Queen of Hoxton for Drumm, DJing after a few bands, one of which, MT , is well worth coming down early for; they’re a really talented bunch and their frontman, as well as being a gifted songwriter, is one of the best cabbage-tennis player we’ve ever met.  Just don’t let him near your bedroom window late on a Sunday night…

That’s all folks, see you on Friday night to let the Disco ball roll!



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