Comadisco Friday 25th of May with Psychemagik and Jamie Blanco

Phew! The sun is finally shining, spring is turning into Summer, the birds are singing,  the miniskirts and sunglasses are out and we’re super excited about this Friday’s Comadisco.

It’ll be at a lovely basement space near Hoxton with Funktion One sound system installed and 5am official closing time. The venue detail will be revealed only to the people who are on the FB event page via personal messages on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyhow, this month we’ve hired wondrous Psychemagik to play many floor destroying (their own)re-edits on the wheels of steels and Talented Mr. Jamie Blanco to play live with weird and wonderful machines. Personally we cannot wait to hear Comadisco anthem “Moving Down” by the man who’s made it on Funktion 1  system.

Future Sound of Clapton will be warming up and closing down with their usual anything goes set of vinyl. And Moist Yet Workable will, of course, be putting their sexy drawings and decorations up for your visual pleasure.
Plenty of their work have been taken by many at the end of our last party so stay up and take what you fancy as a memory from the night. The entry for the party is purse friendly £5 on the door to everybody. No guest list as usual.

See you on da floor!



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