Friday 14th December COMADISCO Xmas knees-up with GATTO FRITTO!

14th Dec 12 Comadisco

Last November we relaunched our monthly night at Lumiere (remember?) on Chatsworth Road in Clapton.
Since then we’ve had some amazing parties and picked up a few new comrades along the way.

To mark (almost) a year anniversary, we have gone back to the beginning and hiring Mr.Gatto Fritto again for our Christmas Rave on Friday 14th December.Those who attended our first party would remember how incredible that fried cat was. He destroyed Clapton that night. One punter was so high on his music that he jumped to the neighbours’ garden and couldn’t get back up. The homeowner soon woke up to find this guy dancing in his back garden and threatened to call the police and close our party. We made it to 6am as planned though… Memories!Anyway, we are very very excited to have him play at COMADISCO again and he promised he’ll be bringing only the finest from his vast vinyl vault on the night.You will also hear us, Future Sound of Clapton, bringing our sexy blend of titanic techno, northern new wave, astral disco and pagan house music with a punchy dash of guilty pop. And at last but not least our decoration wing, Moist Yet Workable, will be working their lovely mouths to blow lots of balloons on the night too.

We have secured a brand new space in Homerton/Clapton area for this party. Small, unique and undone. Just the way we like it. As usual the location will be revealed on the day of the event.

See you on the dancefloor (with bells on)!

Fumix & Marco


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