COMADISCO does Poland!


We’re very excited to take Comadisco from East London to Eastern Europe this weekend, and traveling with us we have Jamie Paton AKA Cage & Aviary for the first time in Poland. We’re hosts of the incredibly talented Disc/ord societe, a team of like-minded people organising quality electronic music parties around Poland for the last 10 years. 

Friday the 8th we’ll be in bohemian Krakow at the Nova Loft , then Saturday the 9th we’ll move to the Capital Warsaw, at the Czastki Elementarne club

 It’s not the first time we play in Poland and we can’t wait to be there having  Zubrowka and pierogi. But in the mean time we leave you with some music from Cage & Aviary:
See you on a dancefloor near you!

2 responses to “COMADISCO does Poland!

  1. Duuudes!
    What’s a great party!! I’m really enjoyed Your’s set! I’m waiting for You again in Poland! Keep in touch 😉

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