COMADISCO @ Chatsworth Road Festival + After Party, Saturday 6th Sept.


We have been asked again to take part in the annual Chatsworth Road Festival on Saturday 6th September. Like last year, we are taking our sound system to the street from 3pm till 9pm. Then we are hosting an official afterparty at the weirdly tiled basement of 41b Chatsworth Road from 10pm till 3am and the entrance to that is also free. That’s right. Free all day and all night. Feel free also to buy us drinks on the day.

Throughout the day and night there will be some of our favourite selectors of disco/house/techno genre of the past 30 years such as…

Alphonse Rozel (London Housing Trust/Resista)

Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath)



Click here for a delightful MIX by Damon on the Sound of Wax website





…and our one and only Fumix (Comadisco)

And we’ll have a very special guest flown in from Italy whose identity has to remain secret till the day of the festival.


Thanks for your time and hope to see you all on Chatsworth Road!



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