COMADISCO Roof Top Park w/ Soft Rocks Sunday 28th September

Hello all,

Thanks for coming to Chatsworth Road Festival that was great fun. We’ll be back on Glenarm Road next year for more dancing on our doorsteps for sure.

For our end-of-summer party, we’ve roped in Piers Harrison of Soft Rocks. They have been one of our favourite disco collectives for the last few years and very excited to finally have him play records at COMADISCO.
They have been releasing original materials through fussy and brilliant ESP Institute, bucket loads of quality edits, diverse alter egos and killer remixes. Most importantly, for us, he’s a great selector and a nice chap to boost.

It’s going to be at our new favourite roof Dalston Roof Park from 3pm to 10pm. The entrance, like the last time, is free to all the DRP members. To be a member go sign up from the link below it’s only £5 or you can do it on the day.

Oh, and Comadisco co-founder, Marco will be travelling back from Singapore to join us for this party after almost a year of absence. Come and give him a hug. Make sure you take Monday off.

See you up on the roof again for the last summer rave!



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