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Hard Facts vs COMADISCO w/ Telephones (Sex Tags, Running Back, Full Pupp) Saturday 24th of Jan.


Finally our first party of 2015 is just around the corner! This Saturday, to be precise,  we’re teaming up with the talented Hard Fact boys, and heading down to the Yard Theatre in Hackney Wick for a late night affair. Joining us will be one of our favourite DJ/Producers of recent times, Telephones. Expect a night of extremely well crafted electronic music, beautiful vibes and, of course beautiful people.

Berlin-based Norwegian Telephones has released music on some of Europe’s finest underground labels including Sex Tags UFO, Full Pupp and Running Back. His sound, both in the studio and behind the decks, crosses musical borders from the equator to the arctic circle, referencing elements of Chicago house, fluffy Italo disco, Krautrock, Afro and Balearic tutti-frutti, often with a healthy sprinkling of tropical good vibes. Here’s one of his latest tracks:

As we mentioned already, also on the firm are Hard Facts residents Toby “Tiger” Tobias and “Dangerous” Damon Martin. We’re starting at 9pm and going until they kick us out. It’s only seven of your English pounds on the door and if you get there before 11 we won’t charge you anything. Bargain!

Just to put you in the mood, here’s our own Fumix’s mix, for your aural pleasure only:


See you on the dancefloor!




HAPPY 2015!!!!

And so another year has passed and we’ve compiled our trational list of COMADISCO favourites for 2014. We’re looking forward to a great 2015 and we have a special “anniversary series” of events coming up later in the year, but we’ll let you know nearer the time. For the time being  we’re starting the year with a COMADISCO vs HARD FACTS party at The Yard on Sat 24th of January alongside Toby Tobias, Damon Martin, and one of Norway’s finest: Telephones…but without further ado, here’s 30 of our favourites from 2014, strictly in random order, for your aural pleasure only.


An-i – Kino-i



Todd Osborn – Medium


Ondo Fadd – Coup d’Etat


Tornado Wallace – Circadia


Objekt – Ganzfeld


Midland – Before we leave


Daywlker + CF – Supersonic Transport


Kalidasa – Cosmic Dance


Telephone – Blaff


Khidja – Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay RMX)


Baba Stiltz – Palats


Mind Fair – Ceremony


Art Crime – Release


Tempelhof – Drake (Young Marco RMX)


Takuya Matsumoto – The Sun on the Refugees


Heretic – Soviet


Jack J – Looking forward to you


Rodion – Medusa


Marian the Believer – Invisible Giving


Clarian   – Road To Recovery


Elizabeth Merrick Jefferson – Bubo Blakistoni


Dark Sky – IYP


Willie Burns – Everybody Everybody


Samuel – Numberuma


Juju & Jordash – Clean-cut


Andy Blake & Timothy J Fairplay – B-Ultras


Golden Teacher – Love


Telephones – Lotusland (Discodromo RMX)


C.P.I. –  El Tunel


Bicep – Satisfy (John Talabot Rain Mix)



See you soon on the dancefloor!

xx M&F