HAPPY 2015!!!!

And so another year has passed and we’ve compiled our trational list of COMADISCO favourites for 2014. We’re looking forward to a great 2015 and we have a special “anniversary series” of events coming up later in the year, but we’ll let you know nearer the time. For the time being  we’re starting the year with a COMADISCO vs HARD FACTS party at The Yard on Sat 24th of January alongside Toby Tobias, Damon Martin, and one of Norway’s finest: Telephones…but without further ado, here’s 30 of our favourites from 2014, strictly in random order, for your aural pleasure only.


An-i – Kino-i



Todd Osborn – Medium


Ondo Fadd – Coup d’Etat


Tornado Wallace – Circadia


Objekt – Ganzfeld


Midland – Before we leave


Daywlker + CF – Supersonic Transport


Kalidasa – Cosmic Dance


Telephone – Blaff


Khidja – Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay RMX)


Baba Stiltz – Palats


Mind Fair – Ceremony


Art Crime – Release


Tempelhof – Drake (Young Marco RMX)


Takuya Matsumoto – The Sun on the Refugees


Heretic – Soviet


Jack J – Looking forward to you


Rodion – Medusa


Marian the Believer – Invisible Giving


Clarian   – Road To Recovery


Elizabeth Merrick Jefferson – Bubo Blakistoni


Dark Sky – IYP


Willie Burns – Everybody Everybody


Samuel – Numberuma


Juju & Jordash – Clean-cut


Andy Blake & Timothy J Fairplay – B-Ultras


Golden Teacher – Love


Telephones – Lotusland (Discodromo RMX)


C.P.I. –  El Tunel


Bicep – Satisfy (John Talabot Rain Mix)



See you soon on the dancefloor!

xx M&F







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