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COMADISCO @ The Yard w/ TOBY TOBIAS (Delusions of Grandeur, Rekids) Sat 26th Sept

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Phew… Our hands have stopped shaking at last.  Amazing street party and sweaty basement do at Chatsworth Road Festival on Saturday. Virtually patting on everyone’s shoulder who were involved and arigato everyone for coming with big smiles. We cannot wait for next year already!

Anywaaaaay, we’ll be back at our monthly haunt, The Yard on Saturday 26th September. We are celebrating the release of second album “Rising Son” by our friend, Toby Tobias, that’s coming out on Delusions Of Grandeur in October 2015. Yes, that’s next month for me and you.


Everyone knows Toby from his involvement in the London underground disco/house scene for years and he’s done so much on wicked labels like Rekids, International Feel and Let’s Play House. Toby’s a solid groove machine when it comes to dextrous mixing style and he even promised us to bring an 808 machine and jam while he plays records which I’m sure is pretty difficult and is gonna sound fun(ky).  Here’s a little preview from the Delusions Of Grandeur Soundcloud:

The support comes from “not-so-solid-but-always-entertaining” Fumix.
As usual he promised not to go for a nap during the party so do watch out!

£3 entry till 11pm £5 after