Future Sound of Clapton was born on a foggy dark night in the heavily claustrophobic and chemically-charged mist of Hackney marshes. The bastard child of Disco Not Disco, Balearic Techno and Cosmic House DJs, Fumix and Marco, its birth was an “accident” that sparked a string of underground parties in East-London and many, many Monday morning hangovers.

“Comadisco”, their disco party in Hackney, East London, has been steadily gaining popularity amongst spaced out geeks and cosmic goddesses since its quiet inception in 2005.
Past guests include Mugwump(Kompakt), Trevor Jackson(Playgroup), Ali Renault(Dissident), Popnoname(Kompakt) and Gatto Fritto(International Feel) to name just a tiny favourite few.

2012 also sees Future Sound of Clapton venturing into a long and winding road of music making. And I’m sure, that they are coming up with some brilliant shit one day and play records to you in a way that you’ll never forget the very evening… I’m sure they will.

-Elvis Presley


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